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Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid
The Book List #21

Hello there, back with another book review! Today I'm talking about a book I recently finished up, 'Such a Fun Age', a book I've seen dotted all over Instagram, that I couldn't help but fall for the hype and buy. From the beginning, it's not the kind of book I expected to read - not in a negative way by any stretch, but in a way where I really didn't expect it to be the sort of plot it was. But, upon finishing it, I can definitely say it's worth the read. It's an easy and airy story, but touches on some serious issues of race, privilege as well as having a sprinkle of girl-power too; making it extremely  compelling.

The plot centres are two women, with these being their perceptive at the centre throughout. There's Emira, a 25 year old graduate who has the typical life of a twenty-something; lives in a small flat, regularly goes out with her three friends, Josefa, Shaunie and Zara.   She being the Nanny of Mrs. Chamberlin, or Alix (Emira only ever calling her professionally as Mrs Chamberlin). Alix is the second protagonist of the book with the typical rich, privileged life of a women who's made it big, living in the suburbs with her husband and children, Briar and Catherine, who Emira comes to Nanny.

The plot begins when an incident at the local Market Depot (with the book being based in Philadelphia, US) when Emira is called, late at night to take Mrs. Chamberlin's oldest daughter away from their house, last minute as they have had some vandals throw eggs at their house. Therefore, Emira takes Briar, down to the Market Depot to waste an hour whilst the situation at the house is dealt with. From here, this is where the central part of the plot is formed - Emira is accused by the security guard of having stolen the daughter, not believing she is in fact the Nanny. This is where themes of the book are created as it covers Race (Emira being a black girl in an extremely white, middle-class neighbourhood) and Privilege. 

From here, as this happens in the first chapter, I personally feel the book didn't really have much of a plot after this. It was a continuous story following Emira and Mrs. Chamberlin, we learn of their lives, their ups-and-downs and yes, I really did feel a connection to both characters, I just wish something more could have happened. That's not to take away from the fact it was a very easy read, covered some important topics as mentioned and the character building from the author was sublime. I just feel it definitely had more room from more drama.

On the whole, it is a good book to pick up. It's an entertaining book and one with an important message, but like the rests of the book, the ending felt sad more than anything as I personally felt a connection to both Emira and Alex. It felt it like the ending could have been a little happier and I personally felt the ending was not what both characters deserved. 

But there we are, that's just my opinion. The fact I managed to read this in a matter of a couple of weeks does show I did enjoy it, it never felt a slog to read and you may feel differently if you were to pick it up! So, on that note, I give it a 3.5/5.

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