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Three Things From This Week: Films, Wax Wraps & Winding Down

Three Things From This Week: Netflix, Wax Wraps & Winding Down

Today I'm going to give you a light-hearted blog post, some things from the week that have been a highlight as well as some Netflix recommendations, because as a nation, most of us are slowly making our way through their entire back catalogue, aren't we?! I feel the past few posts have been quite Low Waste heavy, so to lighten things up a bit I want to give a good ol' weekly favourites. They're easy as well as fun for me to create so here's three things from my week!

Films & TV

Like I said I feel we all have made our through every film and TV show that there is, me and boyfriend have watched so many films the past few weeks - probably more than I've seen in my life before! From this week, we rediscovered the American Pie films which have been so funny, they're simple but so good to watch. Also, we've made our way through The Last Dance, which is based around the NBA in America and more specifically the Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls dominance in the 90's. It's an amazing documentary and definitely worth a watch if you like a good sports doc.

Other recommendations from the past few weeks are:

-3 Identical Strangers: A documentary on identically triples in America who are separated at birth and discovery each other 19 years later, the story is incredibly twisted but so worth the watch!

- New Girls: The entire 8 seasons were uploaded to Netflix and I instantly had to watch, I used to love it when it was first aired so has been great having it on. It's also been funny to me to spot how many of Jess' outfits that 14 year old Lisa used to try and recreate, the opening credits made me laugh as I remembered buy a red dress exactly like hers back in the day haha!

-The Platform: A very strange film but the links and messages towards capitalism really gets you thinking throughout. The premise surrounds a vertical jail, with countless floors, two people live on each floor and each day, a flouting table is filled full of food to feed them and each pairing gets 2 minutes to each as much as they can before it's then lowered to the new floor. Of course if you are on floor 1 that amazing, you have a table full of food, but if you're on floor 100, there's nothing left.. so yes, a very interesting film.

- After Life: The second installment of the Ricky Gervais' series had me weeping from the start to end, it's such a good series to watch and really makes you appreciate what you have, touching on some difficult topics. If you haven't watched the first series, I suggest watching that first to really understand the story - because it's so so good!

Low Waste Favourite: Beeswax Wraps
I couldn't do a favourites post without mentioning at least one thing Low Waste, and this week as well as most weeks now, I've loved BeesWax Wraps. The eco swap for clingfilm means you can keep produce fresh in the fridge plastic-free. I have 2 at the moment, a small and medium size that I've been using to wrap cheese and the odd halved veg I want to keep for another time. They really are a great swap.

Winding Down
And the third thing is more a feeling then a tangible item. It's the feeling of properly having the chance to wind down. I know this may seem so stupid given we've been in lockdown almost 10 weeks now, but having my Final Major Project for university to get done and submit by the 5th of May, meant despite having free time in doors, I still had the underlying stress. So, for the past 2 weeks it really has been lovely having this time to do exactly what I want to do. This has meant working away at 2 online courses to do with Sustainability which I'm loving as well as blogging/instagramming more which has been fab!

Bonus Favourite from the Week: 
I small bonus I wanted to mention was rediscovered Lily Allen's 'It's Not Me It's You' album, I forgot just how great it was. All songs are catchy as well as hilarious when you listen to the lyrics - definitely lifts my spirits everyday!



  1. I love new girl! I havent watched it all but now it's on netflix I think I might have to get back on it..... also you're right about Lily Allen - such a banger haha xxx

    1. New Girls is so good isn't it, so easy to watch and have on in the background! honestly bloody love Lily Allen too, definite banger after banger haha xx