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The Book List #22
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The next book on my 'completed' book list is 'The Existence of Amy' which is a book I was kindly gifted by author Lana Grace Riva. The book centres on Amy, an incredibly likeable yet troubled women who is crippled by OCD and Depression. Despite being incredibly common and spoken of more and more, for some of us who haven't properly experienced these terrible mental health conditions, it's hard to imagine what it's really like for an individual to have to endure. 

What this book does is put you inside Amy's head essentially, we follow her through her daily life, her everyday conversations and goings-on, but we also read of her thoughts and the demons which are stopping her from living a happier life. Having not always been this way, we read of Amy comparing her past life to how she now goes about her everyday. It's incredibly sad, and my heart really went out to Amy throughout as she really struggles, but it was a read that really pulled me in, wanting to keeping reading another page and another.

Overall, I have to say I really enjoyed reading it. It was an easy page turner, with enough of a storyline to keep you reading. The character Amy, as I said, is very likeable and you really feel for her throughout as she endures the torture of OCD. As Amy works in a London office, you get to know her colleagues too, who all care greatly for Amy and attempt to help her, despite knowing little about what is going on in her head.   I'd definitely recommend as a way to learn more of what it is like for people who unfortunately suffer from OCD, but not only that, it is an easy read too, so definitely worth picking up!

Available in Paperback & Kindle! 

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