Life in Lockdown, Job Hunting & Keeping Positive

Life in Lockdown, Job Hunting & Keeping Positive

Life during lockdown has been a rollercoaster, I feel I probably speak for everyone when I say this, as I feel we all, as a society, have had extreme highs, dramatic lows and a general journey of emotions over the past 3 months. I personally have had my fair share of life ~things~ to deal with recently, nothing too negative (thank god) but a lot to deal with over the past weeks. So, in the spirit of oversharing, as I so often have in the past on this blog, I wanted to document this period of time and update you on what's been going on.

With 2020 being the year I finished university, completing a Final Major Project during a pandemic wasn't ~quite~ the ending I expected to my time in Epsom. It's funny really, I was late to the party in going to uni, two years later than the rest of my school year, then when it comes to graduating it's going to be a year later than planned - being rescheduled to May 2021. As I've mentioned previously, looking back over the past few years at uni, I've genuinely had the best years of my life, and as sad as it is that the pandemic stripped me of that final celebration to it all, I've made peace with this being how it has ended.

As I've now officially bid farewell to university life, with final marks back (ya gal got a First!!) and student ID expired - I move on to the slightly scary but exciting part of finding my first graduate job and moving out of my shitty student flat into something a lot nicer. As I've spent the whole lockdown living with my boyfriend, we've just naturally decided to move in together. So, a big move to West Sussex is in the works for this Welsh little country girl very soon! I find it hilarious that a few years ago, before moving to uni, I hadn't even heard of West Sussex before and now I'm moving there with a boy I met on Tinder (lol) it's funny how life works out isn't it...


Finally, is job hunting. Now, this is the part where I half panic half laugh at the situation, as job hunting during a global pandemic is just not the one is it. I'm up to about 60 applications and 2 interviews as I type this - with countless rejections on the basis that 'their company values don't seem the right fit with mine' whatever the hell that means?! But, in all honesty, I'm keeping positive, a big believer in things happening for a reason and the job I'm meant to do will come along eventually. 

On the whole, I have to say, my personal rollercoaster of lockdown has been more down to big life events more than emotions being at the centre. Finishing university is always a big deal and the questions of where will I live? where will I work? having to naturally follow suit. Therefore, having to deal with these would have happened lockdown or not.  For me, I personally have had anxiety through the roof about all of the above, but I know myself well enough to be able to deal with it. It's been more of an underlying anxiety, something that's not prominent in my immediate day-to-day, but something that rises when I would have a random, sudden 'omg what if I never get a job?' thought.

But I have to say, having started the process of sorting a flat out and having a couple of job interviews under my belt; the past week has been the most content I've felt in a long while. Life in lockdown for me has actually been great, me and my boyfriend have never been closer, with quarantine actually being the best thing to happen to us. With me having all the time in the world to focus on whatever I want to do, being a person who can motivate themselves very well, I've enjoyed having the freedom to work on my blog and Instagram - something I felt I haven't properly done since 2018! 

As I type this, I'm back home in Wales for a few weeks - with the Welsh border reopening and me freely being able to jump on a train home; I've had some extremely well needed TLC with my mum.. As I said, life has been a rollercoaster over the past few months but all these big life decisions are slowly starting to slot into place. So onto the next slightly scary chapter in my life, what will life be like in a new town in a different county? what job will I eventually be offered? The questions are endless, but I guess, we'll have to wait & see! 


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