The Book List #24 | Period. It's About Bloody Time

The Book List #24 | Period. It's About Bloody Time by Emma Bernett

When it comes to periods, I don't know about you, but I bloody hate them (pun intended) They're inconvenient and just damn right annoying. It's 5 days of my life, every other month (I usually take 2 strips of my pill and then a break) that I feel gross, with the first day always feeling like my insides are trying to rip themselves apart. . 

Basically, they aren't nice at all.  But, reading 'Period. It's About Bloody Time' I found myself wanting to celebrate my period. Emma, the author, so brilliantly writes about how we should end period taboos and celebrate our flow. I found myself laughing and smiling throughout as she uncovers her own struggles, how other religions view menstruation, generally wanting to develop 'Period Positivity' in society all well as everything and anything related to 'Auntie Flo'... When I say this is a book every woman should read, I mostly definitely mean it!

What I too, enjoyed most about this book was the sheer amount of research the author has conducted, to create a well-rounded argument of how Periods are perceived in society. She goes in-depth into problems currently on period poverty, with it being estimated that "1 in 10 girls are unable to afford sanitary wear" as well as even the word 'Tampon' being sniggered and laughed out of parliamentary debates; It's both shocking but didn't come as a surprise.

On the whole, it really was a fantastic read. It's witty, to-the-point and really does make you question why our periods are such a taboo topic.


  1. I loved reading this review! I've never heard of this book but it definitely seems like one that I'd enjoy. Books that break taboos really are the best :)

    Amy |

    1. Thank you! Honestly, such a good rec if you are looking for something to read x