Goodbye (Blog) Eighteen!

I have tried and failed to start the first sentence of this blog posts for a good hour now, not quite knowing where to start. This blog, Eighteen by Lisa Gibson, or simply Blog Eighteen as it has been for the majority of its life, has been a place on the internet that I have cherished since 2014. It has seen me as a bored 17 year old A-Level student, an awkward girl who didn't know where her place was in the world. It has followed me to University, half way across the country, its seen holidays (remember those?!) reviews, slightly questionable fashion #ootds, its seen it all. But now, I have decided the day has come to put this little blog of mine to bed. 

I have decided its time to start afresh, with a new website, on a new platform about a more specific, meaningful topic than your average Favourites post. You could say I've fallen out of love with blogging in the traditional sense, with me now wanting (and needing) to write articles with more substance. I still consume so many other blogs but it doesn't necessary fit with my own taste anymore. 

Blog Eighteen will never go away, I will not be deleting this, as the sheer amount of memories I have here is off the chart. I feel this blog quite literally carries 5 solid years of my life and as long as Blogger continues, I will have this little space on the internet full of my on memories. 

But, it's time to start from scratch. Sustainability has become something I am so incredibly passionate about and I personally felt I want a different space on the internet, a place that felt more fresh for me to write about it. So, I have created The Low Waste Weekly, a website that is a lot more curated, somewhere solely focused on Sustainability in all forms - it felt right for me to start again and it has been incredibly exciting to create this new little 'thing' on the internet..

And so, this bids farewell from me. I may come back here one day in the future, maybe, but for now this is officially my last blog post on Eighteen. I have loved blogging so so much over the years, with it giving me so much when life was tough. This really is a place I cherish.

So I guess for now, this is Goodbye - its been a blast! 

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